MONSUN baking technology

The most cutting-edge trend in baking technology.

Maximum returns for minimal investment

With the invention of MONSUN technology DEBAG founder Alois Paul Linder revolutionised baking oven technology. Even today, this brilliant baking process ensures superb baking results while maximising the use of energy and space. The MONSUN principle is as simple as it is efficient: heat is transferred directly to the dough via convection – without having to pass round other materials and heat them in the process. As a result, MONSUN ovens consume significantly less energy. Read more ...

A forced air heating system creates a regular change of direction in the hot air flow at very low speeds. This gives the baked goods an exceptionally even all-round colour and an intense, full-flavoured taste. Another benefit: there is no shadowing effect from the radiation. The baking tray can therefore hold a much greater quantity of the product.

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